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RTKF Net is the largest independent provider of RTK Corrections in England. With our wholly owned infrastructure we can offer an affordable and robust service that is tailored to your needs.

Regardless of the make of your GPS system our service is compatible with your needs. Our innovative systems allows us to adapt our signal, this along with our any network SIM card technology make us flexible to your needs.

Using the latest technology our Network tracks GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou satellite constellations and can provide corrections in RTCM and CMR formats along with RINEX data for post processing when required.

With initialisation times of less than a minute and complete coverage there is no longer any need to cart around expensive and cumbersome mobile base stations, allowing you to freely work over large areas and get straight on with the job in hand.

Initial setup & training

National coverage

RTKF Net has installed a network of hundreds base stations throughout the country in order to provide consistent coverage without the need for extra equipment on site.

This results in more efficient working and less time on each job.

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