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LT700H RTK Mapping Tablet

The all new LT700H RTK Mapping tablet from RTKF Net is the first Android tablet to offer an integrated RTK Module that tracks all four GNSS constellations. (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BEIDOU).

In the past in order to get accurate and repeatable RTK positions you would have had to carry around an RTK Rover device and a data collection tablet or computer. Now with the LT700H you have all of this in one device, a ruggedized Android tablet.

As the LT700H uses the standard Android operating system the tablet can be used for all your normal day to day requirements such as emails and job planning apps as well as collect the mapping data you require.

The LT700H uses Landstar 7 mapping and data collection software to allow you to collect individual points of interest at RTK accuracy. For instance, you may wish to map out drainage outlets or irrigation lines, however you can also use it to map boundaries and areas as well as collect points to put together a 3D model. 3D models of a field can help you plan drainage products or you could calculate the volume of Silage heap.

The quick calculation tools allow you to quickly calculate the size of areas whilst still in the field and most data processes can be carried out on the tablet without having to go back to the office. In addition to this you can use the tablet to navigate back to previously recorded positions.

With all the pressures that exist in farming today, having accurate location and feature data of your assets can only make things easier.

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