What makes RTKFnet different?

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We own it.

Rather than piggybacking off other networks, we own and manage the base stations and server that make up our network. So, you know who you’re really dealing with. If you are having problems with your existing supplier, go with a true alternative, not more of the same – give us a try.


As a comparatively ‘small’ company, we are not held back by red tape and bureaucracy that tends to stifle larger companies. We can quickly adapt to meet your business needs and have the technical and service teams to back it up.

Ever evolving.

Rather than just paying for access to a base, subscribers are joining a network that never stands still. We are constantly expanding and upgrading to keep customers at the forefront of RTK Technology.

No Distractions.

The network is our primary and sole product offering. All time, resource and focus are aimed in this direction to ensure the best service possible is available for dealers and end users.


Our accounts and administration systems have been designed from the ground up to ensure full traceability. We make it easy to internally source rover and account information which enables transparent invoicing, clarity of account status and gives easy access to historic information.


Our service is first class. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our agenda. Our team work incredibly hard to ensure that we live up to our reputation for incredible service and support… Care to meet them?

Would you give us a try?

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For further information or to arrange a trial – Speak to one of the team on 01223 902 331, contact us here, or book a demo.

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