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RTK (Real Time Kinematic)

RTK (Real Time Kinematic) is the use of fixed position base stations to enhance the accuracy of GPS systems by transmitting signals that correct positioning errors caused by the Earth’s atmosphere.

Fixed RTK base stations, as the name suggests, have a permanent position which never changes. This position is transmitted to the Tractor which can then correct its own position, which constantly varies, and align it to the base station. Therefore creating the most accurate position.

Base Stations

As the base stations never move it is possible to create fixed traffic lines in fields as the recorded GPS positions are repeatable and will always be in the same place.

As the range of an individual base station is limited our base stations are placed strategically so that the coverage overlaps. This builds redundancy into the systems and means that the systems is always being used within healthy operating parameters and not at extremes.

RTKF Net use a mixture of Radio base stations, that are specific to Trimble receivers, and networked base stations that use 4g and internet based cloud servers to transmit the signal. Radio bases are available through East Anglia and Lincolnshire.

RTKF national coverage


The range of an individual RTK Base station is limited. This is due to the fact that both the vehicle and base station need to be receiving positioning information from the same satellites in order for the process to work. As this range is often too small for farms that are spread over a larger area or indeed contractors working on many different farms, RTKF Net has installed a network of base stations that allows for much wider coverage.



Low Cost Signal
Maximum Accuracy
Reduced Inputs
Increased Productivity
Covering 3,000,000 hectares
Roam across the entire network
Robust reliable signal
Improved coverage
Fewer overlaps
Reduced driver fatigue
Controlled traffic

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