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About RTKF

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Our History

RTKF Net was founded by a group of farmers based in South Cambridgeshire who have joined together to make a robust and affordable GPS RTK network.

Initially its principal ideals were to create one of the first RTK networks that was cost effective and most importantly did not limit the individual farmer to small areas of coverage; ensuring that as far as is possible every field has reliable coverage the whole time. This was originally achieved using a network of radio base stations through out East Anglia.

As RTKF Net grew it was clear that we needed to embrace new technologies, it was also clear that there was a need for affordable RTK coverage across the rest of England. In order to achieve this we have installed a network of base stations that deliver the signal via the internet and SIM cards to any make of GPS equipment. This system perfectly compliments the radio network and allows us to provide a more efficient service with remote support handling and monitoring.

CONTACT US  tel: 01223 902331 • Email: info@rtkf.co.uk

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